I think former Texas Attorney General John Ben Shepperd captured the essence of Americanism in the way that ended many of his extraordinary speeches:

The greatest fault of the American people is our materialism and lack of real concern for good government. Half of us are trying to buy all the good things of life with money and the other half are trying to vote them into existence.

But who can open a safety deposit box and file away a title to an American sunset?

Who can lay gold on the counter and buy the look of trust and innocence in a child’s eyes?

Can anybody dig into his pocketbook and buy a good conscience or a lifetime of proud accomplishment?

No man can trade hard cash for the companionship of a true friend nor purchase at any price the love and devotion of a good woman.

Because freedom is old, not young, yet it is born anew in the first cry of a free man’s son;

It is not a living thing, yet it dies if we do not love it;

It is not weak, yet it must be defended;

It is light, yet it weighs heavy on him who is without it;

It is without price, yet it dearly costs the one who sells it;

It is not small, but great; yet once lost, it is never, never found again.

Yes, to be born free is an accident;
To live free is a responsibility;
But to die free is an obligation.

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