Although there is an undeniable linkage to our great past as a nation, we simply cannot revert to the past in an effort to re-achieve current or future greatness. What will make us great again in the second decade of the 21st Century is somewhat different from what made us great at various times in the 20th Century. Our current context is significantly different. It is far more complex and technology has made a non-negligible impact on what we do and how we do it in today’s world.

There do exist, however, some cornerstones of Americanism that can be lifted from the social structures of the past and emplaced in the structures we are now building and will continue to build in the future. The job of a cornerstone is to provide ample support for the entire building – without it, the building will collapse. These intrinsic and timeless values are and will be the cornerstones of the New Americanism. These cornerstones correspond to the chapters within this book. They are not exclusive – simply the ones that leap to the fore in a clear and compelling way.

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