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  • Bob Brescia’s DESTINATION GREATNESS is a wonderful description of how America can be the nation she was designed as—powerful yet humble, demanding yet benevolent, accommodating but accountable. I have known Bob for several years and he’s one of the true “Americanism" guys in our country today—believes and practices inclusion, civic responsibilities, community service, and helping those most in need. His book is essential reading for anyone seeking to be the great American that’s inside all of us.

    - Nirav Tolia – Founder and CEO, Nextdoor – the Private Social Network for Your Neighborhood
  • “My appreciation for Americanism grows with each turned page of Destination Greatness. Dr. Brescia's inspiring words elevate us beyond our own mindsets. He reminds us that so much more important than whether we are liberal or conservative, is that we are Americans.”

    - Alan Colmes – American radio and television host, liberal political commentator
  • “Robert Brescia provides not only a wonderful history of the unique features of America's greatness, but also a roadmap for how we can revive a sense of Americanism. Dr. Brescia truly understands what currently ails our country - from a waning sense of patriotism to neglecting to teach the Constitution in our country's schools - and his proposals are exactly what our nation needs. This book is a must-read for anyone who believes that, with a little bit of hard work, America's best days are still ahead of us.”

    - Janine Turner – Actress, Founder and Co-Chair, Constituting America
  • "Powerful, succinct, to the point. Every American who wants an America we can respect and love should read and heed this book.”

    - Ben Stein – American writer, lawyer, actor, and political commentator
  • “Americanism is something I grew up with in my little hometown in Arkansas. We saluted the flag. We respected those in authority, be it a soldier, a teacher, a police officer, or our parents. We prayed at public events. We gave generously to causes that cured diseases, fed the hungry, put clothes on kids, educated a child, or saved souls. When the National Anthem was played, we stopped in our tracks, took off our hats, and stood at attention with our right hand over our hearts. It wasn’t unique to Hope, Arkansas. But it was unique to America. Robert Brescia has captured more than a nostalgic look back, but a powerful look ahead at what the changes in our culture mean for America and Americanism. It’s a compelling reminder of the greatness of America and why it matters that we keep it that way.”

    - Mike Huckabee – Former Governor of Arkansas and 2-time U.S. Presidential Candidate
  • At a time when Americans seem more divided than ever, when voices of hate drown out voices of reason, when most of us have no idea what the future holds, or should hold, Bob Brescia refreshingly outlines what needs to be done for America to reach her potential in his brilliant book DESTINATION GREATNESS.

    - Judge Jeanine Pirro – Fox News Channel – Host of “Justice with Judge Jeanine”

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