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DESTINATION GREATNESS - Creating a New Americanism

Get a grip on how you can help usher in a new era of Americanism!
  • Principles, Values & Behaviors

    The hallmarks and cornerstones of the New Americanism

  • The Case for a New Americanism

    DESTINATION GREATNESS lays out a compelling description of a nation that “can” – a nation that ties together generations into a “team of teams” to get us to the higher ground of Americanism

  • Political Parties – The Machines of American Belief Systems

    The significant growth of party politics and the political machines that make up those parties is a double-edged sword in the New Americanism

  • U.S. Constitution

    Today’s youth rarely value this exceptional document that created our nation and republic because they are not learning much about the Constitution in their schools

  • The National Defense

    I describe a way to confront and overcome terrorism directed at Americans as well as the approach to a joint, combined, and allied structure to carry out this new strategy

  • Cultivating our Youth

    These younger generations have one of the most important tasks in the New Americanism: practice the American leadership behaviors that will usher in sustained periods of greatness for us all

  • Taking Care of Our Elderly

    There is no place for poor treatment of the elderly in the New Americanism

  • Ethics

    it’s simple, really. Live by a moral code that is based on our principles and values, tell the truth, and don’t betray the values

  • Spirituality

    Spirituality is the very essence of our humanity and what has made us the envy of the whole world. We cannot forsake it in the New Americanism

  • Statesmanship

    We have plenty of politicians but not enough statesmen and stateswomen

  • The Lost Art of Debate

    We are not teaching our youth how to disagree while still preserving the respect for each other as Americans. I show how we can fix that in the New Americanism

  • Mutual Respect among Americans

    Our behaviors must become much more civil because it is the ladder on whose rungs we climb to the higher ground we call the New Americanism

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