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Dr. Robert Brescia, Executive Director of the John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute at Odessa, Texas is eminently qualified to speak about Americanism, leadership, ethics, and public service. Bob has twenty-seven years of public service as an Airborne Ranger Cavalry soldier, NCO, and commissioned officer in the United States Army. His military experience includes deploying a cavalry logistics troop unit from Germany to the Desert Storm theater of operations in 1991. Bob is a graduate of the Army War College and the Command & General Staff College, as well as many other military schools. His qualifications and awards include the U.S. Army Ranger Tab, Airborne qualification, the Department of the Army Staff Identification Badge, two citations of the Legion of Merit, four awards of the Meritorious Service Medal, the Southwest Asia Service Medal, the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal, and the Silver Rose. In his subsequent automotive global business career, he was recognized as one of the top five logisticians in North America. Bob graduated with distinction from the Executive Leadership Doctoral Program with the George Washington University. He is the author of a recent book, The Americanism of John Ben Shepperd, as well as: Disruptive Power in American Discourse. He is a co-author of RFID for Dummies, a well-known guide on Radio Frequency Identification technology. Dr. Brescia has also written numerous articles and delivered presentations on the practice of leadership. The Texas Civil Rights Project recently recognized him as one of their “Heroes and Leaders” for 2015. He is a regular columnist for the Public Administration Times. Dr. Brescia is gratefully married to Marianne, the love of his life. They met and married in the Pentagon. He is the person that he is now because she loved him. Together with their children and grandchildren, they serve their communities in various ways designed to help those who need it the most.

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